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The secret to moving from success to influence

You may be successful, a high-performer even, consistently hitting goals, meeting deadlines and over-performing on “the numbers”.  But are you actually lacking in true influence and significance?

In a previous article, I told the story of the highly competent CFO who was isolated and mistrusted because he was so difficult to get along with, until he dismantled his wall of self-preservation.  I explained how self-preservation makes us step away from genuine relationship and stay at the transactional level.   It’s when we feel we have something to prove, something to lose or something to hide.

Schooled in the transactional

But as I reflected on my own life and career, I’ve come to realise how I was schooled in the transactional. Continue reading

#1 barrier to impact & influence

As I’ve been coming up to speed with the amazing GiANT worldwide leadership consulting organisation, they have helped shine a light on perhaps the biggest barrier that holds us all back from greater influence and impact.

I asked my newsletter readers what they thought the #1 barrier to their own impact was, and got a variety of answers, all of which were helpful: for example, worrying too much about what other people think about you; lack of self-belief or confidence; lack of passion.

But let me get to the deeper barrier to influence by telling a true story.

A friend was consulting at a large organisation.  The CFO was an amazingly competent individual who had saved the company millions over the years.   However, he was extraordinarily difficult to get along with; his peers were struggling to work with him, and every time anyone dared confront him with a reality-check on his impact on other people, he simply threatened to leave .

So the guy was competent, but also an arrogant idiot…

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Suzi McAlpine: Why collaborative leadership matters

A few weeks ago I spoke to Suzi McAlpine, a leadership development specialist based in New Zealand who recently contributed to our mega-roundup post of 60 personal effectiveness tips.

Before her current focus as business owner and executive coach, Suzi has been an international executive search consultant and practice leader.

In this discussion we tackle the topic of collaborative leadership, which is what Suzi believes to be the missing component in much of modern leadership approaches.

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