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#1 barrier to impact & influence

As I’ve been coming up to speed with the amazing GiANT worldwide leadership consulting organisation, they have helped shine a light on perhaps the biggest barrier that holds us all back from greater influence and impact.

I asked my newsletter readers what they thought the #1 barrier to their own impact was, and got a variety of answers, all of which were helpful: for example, worrying too much about what other people think about you; lack of self-belief or confidence; lack of passion.

But let me get to the deeper barrier to influence by telling a true story.

A friend was consulting at a large organisation.  The CFO was an amazingly competent individual who had saved the company millions over the years.   However, he was extraordinarily difficult to get along with; his peers were struggling to work with him, and every time anyone dared confront him with a reality-check on his impact on other people, he simply threatened to leave .

So the guy was competent, but also an arrogant idiot…

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Like it or not, you are a leader!

This is a guest post by Daniel R. Murphy, who publishes, writes, and blogs on personal improvement at

Everybody leads – but good leadership is an outcome

“The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity. Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in an army, or in an office” ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower.

We are all called upon to lead at certain times. We lead in our families, we lead civic organizations, and we lead at work.  It’s not just something reserved for those at the top of organisations. No matter what office or station we hold, there are times when we must lead.

In fact, often those at the top of an organization are unable to effectively lead – because real leadership does not come from an office or title, it comes from within us. It comes from what we do and say.

Though there are many attributes that enable people to lead others effectively none are more important than integrity, competence and trust.  There is a fundamental integrity-based formula for leadership that is essential if one is going to effectively lead others. That formula is: Continue reading

How to become a high performer in anything

You might or might not want to hear this, but you definitely need to become a high performer. Here’s why, and here’s how.

Why you must become a high performer

High performer. The words can attract or repel us.

Some of us are drawn to the idea. We’re inspired and attracted to the challenge of excellence.

Others of us find the idea off-putting: daunting, unobtainable, exhausting. We have no desire to be a high-performer – and frankly suspect we’d fail if we tried.

As an example, a very good friend pushed back on me about the whole idea of ‘purposeful living‘ a while back. She said “I don’t want to become a purposeful person … I am already living the life I feel called to”. Now she’s a wonderful person; she has a great sense of calling; I admire her greatly. She’s right about appreciating the present. But there is a danger of complacency: because living purposefully is about growing in the areas that matter most.

But here’s why you absolutely need to become a high-performer.

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Epic Leadership & Purpose Giveaway ($1800+ value) – all the details

If you want to fulfil your potential and make an impact on the world, then you've come to the right place!

Here at Purposeful People it's our goal to provide you with the tools, resources and encouragement you need to find your calling and your best contribution, and live a life of purpose and success.

So we have worked with 10 amazing leaders to bring you an EPIC "leadership and purpose giveaway"! The prize bundle will help you live a successful, productive and purposeful life, and grow your influence and leadership.

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Nic Villa: career planning for maximum impact

There are a lot of authors and entrepreneurs out there who tell us that a corporate job is likely to be unfulfilling, meaningless and devoid of impact… and that a better life is to be had as an entrepreneur or a freelancer. Others will tell us that the path to fulfilment is in social enterprise, charity work, church work, community work.

Well, perhaps.

However, there are many paths to impact and to meaning. My friend Nic Villa is great case in how to strategically plan your career for maximum social impact. 

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Tape Breakers Review & Jim Akers Interview

How can you make the biggest impact in the most important areas? This is the question at the heart of Purposeful People, and Jim Akers has written an excellent book on the topic called "Tape Breakers". You'll find my review below in this post.

The book is so relevant to our mission here at Purposeful People that I snagged a 10-minute interview with Jim Akers to find out more. Here's the video, along with 4 must-watch highlights.

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Agile leadership: a new approach – Change-Agent’s Compass

Why you need a new leadership tool

You may be a business, non-profit or church leader; you may be an entrepreneur or someone with a message to spread: but one thing is sure - there is an element of breaking new ground in what you are doing.

But leading breakthrough change is hard. Pioneering is difficult and messy. There are dead-ends and discouragement as well as breakthrough; valleys as well as mountaintops.

There are no maps for the ‘purposeful person’ – the terrain is new and constantly shifting. Reaching your mission or goal is more like an ocean-journey – requiring adaptability and course correction – than a safe, predictable highway.

success journey for pioneer leaders

It's become a cliché, but it's true

And as the leader-pioneer, you know there are many things to do, many practices to adopt, many leadership skills to apply. Many things on your to-do list. And there’s the problem: it can be hard to focus on the right thing to do at the right time.

Normally there is one key thing we need to be doing, but often we don’t recognise it and focus on something else instead. The terrain has shifted but we haven’t responded. And the price of this?

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5 lessons from the most surprisingly impactful person I knew

It was only when she died that I recognised the true impact that she had had on the world.

At her funeral, there were not only friends and family. There were also many, many, people from all over the country who had been touched by her life.  I forget the number of cards the family received, but it was in the hundreds if not thousands.

The request was for charitable donations rather than flowers. However the amounts pouring in become so large the charity concerned set up a special fund. The tens of thousands of pounds eventually received enabled them to offer an annual grant for families in need.

And this was just my mother, someone who had never wanted a job and had just wanted a family.  And yet she found her calling, found her contribution, and had left an amazing imprint in the world with many lives touched.

Here are five lessons from her life. Continue reading

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