Suzi McAlpine: Why collaborative leadership matters

A few weeks ago I spoke to Suzi McAlpine, a leadership development specialist based in New Zealand who recently contributed to our mega-roundup post of 60 personal effectiveness tips.

Before her current focus as business owner and executive coach, Suzi has been an international executive search consultant and practice leader.

In this discussion we tackle the topic of collaborative leadership, which is what Suzi believes to be the missing component in much of modern leadership approaches.


In the video we get straight into the topic of leadership, and Suzi explores how leadership styles need to change to build better team engagement. I recommend you listen to the entire discussion. However, if you want to jump straight into the action then here are some highlights:

  • At 3'35" Suzi explains how the recent earthquake in New Zealand let to an outburst of collaborative leadership
  • At 5'15" Suzi dismantles the traditional leadership paradigm and explains why things need to change - and then gives a vivid illustration of 'collaborative leadership' in action 
  • At 10'34" Suzi explains when a 'command and control' approach is valid, and when a more collaborative approach is appropriate
  • At 12'50" Suzi gives a key strategy for building a more collaborative leadership culture, and reveals a couple of key 'villains' that can sabotage success

To learn more about Suzi and the Leadership Digest blog, head over to her site, McAlpine Coaching.

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