2 surprising strategies to find a meaningful career

This week I interviewed life and career coach Ed Herzog, whose blog at edherzog.com I've been following for some time.  Watch the video below where we talk about how to find a meaningful career.

Ed shares some of his story, what holds people back from pursuing a meaningful career and two unexpected tips for how to make progress in your search.


If you are short on time and don't want to watch the whole thing, then you might like to jump in at:

  • 2'22" where Ed talks about what keeps people from pursuing a meaningful career; or
  • 4'52" where Ed gives his two tips on how to approach the search.

Don't miss Ed's upcoming webinar

On 30th March (2pm Eastern Time, 11am Pacific, 8pm Central European Time) Ed is hosting a free webinar entitled "How to Find a Meaningful Career Path: Tips from Science on Picking a Career You'll Love", covering:

  • Why finding a meaningful career path matters
  • The #1 barrier to finding a meaningful career
  • The top 3 pitfalls to watch out for
  • The 7 factors that can lead to a meaningful career path

You can register for the webinar here (which will also give you access to the reply in case you miss it).

What holds you back from switching career to something more meaningful? What tips can you share with the community? Please leave a comment below...

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