Why meaning matters – and how to move forward: an interview with Dan Cumberland

I was thrilled to be able to speak to Dan Cumberland last week. 

Dan has made it his life’s work to connect people with a sense of purpose and meaning in the life they lead. He is the founder of the Meaning Movement web site and the Fearless February initiative, and creator of the Calling Course. He is a coach and author whose work about meaning and purpose has been featured in Fast Company and Entrepreneur Magazine. He’s also an entrepreneur and runs his own photography firm.

In this interview Dan shares valuable insights for moving forward on your journey of meaning. Check out the full video below - or, if you are short on time, jump straight to the 5 highlights I describe in this post.


The full video is 15 minutes in length, but if you are really pressed for time then here are some gems:

  • At 0'45" Dan explains WHY people wrestle with questions of meaning and purpose - why they are so difficult questions to address
  • At 2'50", I challenge Dan that there are plenty of mundane jobs that just need doing: should we really expect to find meaning in our daily work?
  • At 7'20, Dan shares his own struggles in being lost and directionless, and reveals the clues that lead him to home in on his passions.
  • At 10'20", Dan explains when simple approaches to finding your calling can be helpful - and when they can be actually HARMFUL to your quest for meaning.
  • At 11'40", Dan shares an insightful and practical way to get started on a deeper path towards meaning.

You can find Dan over at The Meaning Movement, and benefit from his "5 clues to calling" free mini-course.

Enjoy the video, and let me know what you think of Dan's perspectives in the comments field.

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