Nic Villa: career planning for maximum impact

There are a lot of authors and entrepreneurs out there who tell us that a corporate job is likely to be unfulfilling, meaningless and devoid of impact… and that a better life is to be had as an entrepreneur or a freelancer. Others will tell us that the path to fulfilment is in social enterprise, charity work, church work, community work.

Well, perhaps.

However, there are many paths to impact and to meaning. My friend Nic Villa is great case in how to strategically plan your career for maximum social impact. 


Nic had a successful 20 year career at Cisco Systems, the technology giant, and recently made a career move. He considered a wide set of options to grow his impact, from politics to social enterprise to another corporate gig. By thinking strategically about the kind of impact he wants to have, he was able to think several moves ahead and determined that moving to another technology giant, IBM, would best position him for future impact.

I spoke to him recently to hear his story. I highly recommend listening to our brief discussion.

If you are super-rushed, you could jump to the following times:

  • At 2:22, why he didn’t go for the career option a whole crowd of people recommended!
  • At 7:05, the mental picture that keeps him focused on leaving a legacy on the world
  • At 8:05, three key tips as you plan an impactful career
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