Rick Coplin: real-life transitions from success to significance

It was my great privilege to speak with Rick Coplin recently.

Rick has helped to build and sell a start-up company, directed technology programs in a major US financial institution and consulted with companies throughout the United States in the areas of technology, finance, marketing and operations. Rick invested 8 years in the Startup investment industry with Rev1 Ventures, coaching entrepreneurs and helping to raise funds to fuel company growth.

Rick left that position earlier this year and now hosts The Success to Significance Podcast. He is finishing a book called Pitch With Purpose: What to Do Before During and After You Pitch to Maximize Your Opportunities. Rick is married with three kids and lives near Columbus, Ohio in the United States.

In this discussion Rick shares some inspiring stories from the people he's interviewed for the podcast. These are people who have made the change from successful careers to meaning and impact. He also shares some encouraging advice on how to get started yourself.


In the video we get straight down to business about moving from success to significance. I recommend you listen to the entire discussion. However, if you want to jump straight into the action then here are some highlights:

  • At 0'45" Rick explains why it's so important to move beyond success to significance, and what that yearning really means
  • At 3'58" Rick gives three very specific case studies of people who have moved from successful careers to pursue significance in a more focused way.
  • At 7'28" Rick shares three common strategies that have been used by all the people who have moved from success to significance - and how you can apply the same techniques.

To learn more about The Success to Significance Podcast, visit RickCoplin.com/podcast where you can listen to any episode already published. There are links to iTunes, Stitcher Radio and Google Play there as well. If you like what you hear, subscribe to the weekly episodes.

Rick also writes an article each week at RickCoplin.com, sometimes related to subjects he talks about on the podcast, sometimes related to entrepreneurial subjects, and sometimes on subjects requested by audience members.

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